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Here are the best eHarmony promotional code for UK February 2015. On occasion, eHarmony has special offers on their Registration page. We are your 1st stop shop for the latest working codes. We have organised these promo codes so that you can get the best possible discount. We practise searching for the best ones on a daily basis so you can get the best savings.

3 month trial
Code: Get3
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1 month coupon
Code: 1monthpromo
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The Relevance of Coupons

For many years eHarmony has used the codes to entice people to sign up for their services. Used to be you could find a promo code in a local magazine or online retailer. But times have changed. And as such, eHarmony.co.uk follows the same guidelines as their sister site across the pond. There are many places to locate one of these, but the reality of the situation is that they are few and far in between. For instance, we (this website) are only allowed to promote authorised codes (they specifically give us codes for us to give out to the general public). While this greatly benefits our readers, they can use this information to track where their customers are coming from. All in all, this makes for a great system and generally speaking, works to improve the program overall.

How to Enter a Promo

The process of entering a promo is very simple. Either click the link above that pertains to the corresponding discount, or enter in the code when it comes time to check out. After you have completed the personality questionnaire, simply look for the box labeled “eharmony promotional code uk” and enter in the code you have just copied down. If for some reason you can’t find the code, be sure that you clicked the link above and that the discount has successfully been applied to your cart. In the event the discount did not take hold, please try to repeat the process as many times as you see fit. Sometimes people (in their rush) tend to copy down the wrong one or do something else in general haste. While this can be efficient for most other things in life, you really need to take your time managing this process. You should have a game plan as to how, where, when and why you’re going to save money and plan and react accordingly.

Here’s a picture of where the code should be entered:


Will I Find Success?

This is a hard question to answer. While some people will find their soulmate within the first 24 hours, the rest of the 99.99% of the population will take considerable time to analyse the entire system to better understand how to effectively use it. For example, some people might go out on 5 dates in one week. They stand to have a better chance at finding love, than the person who only goes out on 2 dates every month. Generally speaking, the 6 month subscription is the best one. Most people the editors of this website have surveyed, indicated that they were happily dating someone after 4-6 months, on average. Please take a minute down below to let us know your comments and how long it took you to find that special someone. Not all people are the same. We also strongly advise you to look at what you are wanting in a relationship. What you are looking for may differ than what the other person is looking for. So be open minded and you will find success when using an eHarmony coupon code.

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There are many pros to using a code. The biggest being that you stand to save a lot of money on your monthly membership. Of course, the 12 and 6 month codes are the ones which you will save the most money. The 3 month and 1 month eHarmony promos are the 2nd best. Another great feature is that you can take the money you saved and use it on a date, thereby showing off to your date that you know how to take him/her out on the town and entertain.


While there are many pros, there are also a few cons. One of them being that the codes are not found in greatest abundance as they were many years ago. Most of the discounts you will find for eHarmony.co.uk are the 1 month and 3 month savings. The 6 and 12 months are somewhat difficult to come by, which is why we strongly advise to check out the page you can register up above.

Review of the Coupons

We surveyed over 1,000 people and 86% of them indicated that they had a successful time using the codes and would definitely use them again. 15% of the users surveyed said they had an “ok” time using the codes. This is down from 21% this time last year. It stands to reason that customer satisfaction has gone up over the past year. More people than ever are satisfied with the outcome of their experience.


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If we look at all the data points provided in this review and analyse the facts, we can see a strong correlation between success and high user satisfaction when using a promo code for eHarmony.co.uk. The recent scientific survey concluded that user awareness is up over the past 250 days and this trend is continuing to grow month-over-month. If we plot this data on a graph, we can see a clear picture of how great this program is growing and the trends only indicate that success will come in the future. Many online dating services have come and gone over the years. Only this one has stood the test of time. They have hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in “human compatibility” research and they then incorporate what they find into the algorithm.